October 2017 Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor fishing report

Inshore Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor

Redfish are the hot bite right now around Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor! Fish in the upper 30″s are being caught regularly. Keep your eyes peeled for that waked up water while cruising around the flats of Charlotte Harbor. Toss just about any bait or lure towards them and you’re sure to hook up. Boca Grande fishing is on fire.

We’ve been seeing some better sized sea trout in the past week. Fish upwards to 20″ have been common around Bull Bay. Snook are also plentiful. Live bait has produced the most fish. The easiest way to find bait now is to look along the beaches of Boca Grande and Little Gasparilla Island. One cast lands you enough bait for days.

Nearshore Boca Grande and Englewood

The snapper and grouper bite is still holding strong out of Boca Grande and Englewood. There are a lot of smaller fish nearshore so you may need to push out a few extra miles to find those bigger fish. Whitebait and pinfish are top snapper and grouper baits. Artificial lures such as a Johnson silver minnow have been producing just as many fish as live bait. Drop the lure to the bottom and jig it up and down. Bam! Fish on!

Boca Grande Goliath Grouper

The world famous Boca Grande goliath grouper…can you handle it’s power?!? It is by far the most powerful fish you will ever encounter. With our Penn International 70 set on full lock, it is you against the beast! 

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Boca Grande goliath grouper

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