Fishing this summer has been hot, hot, hot! We’ve been doing a lot of nearshore and goliath grouper fishing. Published reefs, as well as hard bottom and ledges, have been producing a lot of decent snapper and grouper. Don’t forget chum…after establishing your drift and anchoring, begin chumming to get those fish fired up. In no time, you should have snapper swimming under your boat. In this case, free line a 4/0 circle hook with a well hidden shrimp or piece of cigar minnow and allow to sink down to snapper. For bottom fish, use a standard bottom rig with a live bait. Pinfish, squirrelfish, and threadfins have been working quite well. Keep an eye out for those large bait schools because it could also point you in the direction of pelagics such as jacks, tuna, or kingfish. If you aren’t able to sabiki up any live bait, frozen cigar minnows and sardines have also been successful. Driving out 20 miles isn’t necessary if you are just looking for a little family fun and fish for dinner. We’ve been fishing within 9 miles and our customers have been enjoying delicious meals of mangrove snapper and gag grouper.

If you are looking to hook into a large and powerful fish…goliath grouper is the way to go. We have been catching several goliaths on each trip. Nearshore reefs and wrecks are loaded with these giant beasts. If you have the appropriate gear, toss on a live jack…or for that matter…just about anything, to hook into the largest grouper in the Gulf of Mexico. If you don’t have the right equipment but still want to catch a goliath, give us a call and we can make that happen. Reeling in one of these fish is a memory of a lifetime. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout and we’ll give you the best advice possible.

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