Boca Grande goliath grouper charter April 19

We took Chris and his buddy Mike out for goliath grouper today. Another breezy day this morning but we loaded the livewell with a handful of bowfished baits and headed for the real fun. Mike was up first. We dropped the first bait down and within 10 seconds Mike was hooked up with his first goliath grouper. This one was around 150lbs. Chris took the seat…again within 10 seconds he was hooked up. This one was a brute! He battled back and forth and finally got the goliath grouper to the boat. Our estimate for Chris’s goliath grouper was around 350lbs. Unfortunately, it came unbuttoned before getting any photos. Mike decided he would give it another round and hopped in the fighting seat. Within 1 minute, bang! Another goliath grouper on. Mike fought with all his might and finally got a 250lber to the side of the boat. He hopped in the water real quick and got a photo. Chris and Mike decided they couldn’t catch anymore and we headed home for the day! Want to catch a monster fish? Give us a call to book your Boca Grande goliath grouper fishing charter!

Boca Grande goliath grouper charter
Boca Grande goliath grouper charter

We also offer Boca Grande tarpon charters, inshore, and nearshore charters. May and June we will be fishing for only goliath grouper and tarpon. The tarpon are starting to show up in Boca Grande Pass. We have a few days left so give us a call if you want to hook into a silver king.

Captains Jesse and Kelly McDowall

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