4/11 Boca Grande goliath grouper

Bill and his father, Bill and son, Wyatt came out for a Boca Grande goliath grouper charter today. Wyatt has started his own fishing YouTube channel so he was very excited to see the biggest fish Florida has to offer.

We started off the trip bowfishing for stingrays. It was fairly windy so it made conditions a little tricky but we managed to put 4 baits in the boat. We headed off towards Boca Grande Pass for the real thrill of the day. Conditions and tide were less than favorable but we got our first hit in no time…but the goliath grouper didn’t get the hook. Wyatt switched out and let his dad have a take at the rod. We put on a livelier bait and sent him down below. BAM! Fish on! Bill fought with all his might, almost giving up at times, against the shear power of the world famous Boca Grande goliath grouper. We taped the fish at 73” and estimated its weight to be around 300lbs. We took a fin clip for FWC research and sent the big girl back home to fight another day.

Unfortunately the tide completely stopped and we weren’t able to get Wyatt on a fish.

Boca Grande goliath grouper

if you think you have the strength to battle against a Boca Grande goliath grouper, give us a call for a fight of your life.


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