Islamorada Lobster Snorkel Charters Trips & Rates

The sport season, better known as “mini season,” is the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July. These are the only two days of the year that lobster season is open solely to recreational anglers. Starting August 1, commercial lobster anglers are able to set their traps and begin fishing. The two days of mini season and the first week of opening season are highly sought after dates because the lobster populations are at their peak and angler’s limits are almost always reached within an hour or two.

Snorkeling for lobster is one of the most thrilling adventures you could have during your Islamorada vacation. Crystal clear waters, an assortment of fish, and tasty “bugs” waiting to be caught will meet your eyes upon entering the water. The natural bottom surrounding Islamorada and the surrounding Keys is prime habitat for Caribbean Spiny lobsters. Ledges, crevices, mangroves, coral, and sponges all provide adequate habitat for lobster during the daylight hours. At night, they venture out to forage for food. Unlike the well known Maine lobster, Caribbean Spiny lobster do not have claws. Instead, they have long antenna that they use to ward off predators. These antennae are a dead giveaway to their hiding spot …

  • Islamorada Lobster Charter Rates (1-4 People)

  • (4hrs): $825 ($800 cash)
  • (6hrs): $1,235 ($1,200 cash)
  • Rates are per boat, not per person.

Lobster snorkeling trips are fun for the whole family. We typically snorkel in waters ranging from 5-12 ft allowing all ages the opportunity to catch their own lobster. For those not interested in catching lobster, the scenery underwater is absolutely breathtaking and a trip in itself. The many varieties of snapper, grouper, grunts, and other reef fish are plentiful in areas we snorkel.

Divers must have the ability to hold their breath long enough to swim to the bottom and catch their own lobster. We will catch one or two lobster to show you how to do it, but you will have to catch your own to get your limit. We will not catch your limit for you. Also, you may not catch someone else’s limit. We cannot guarantee that the boat’s limit of lobster will be caught. What we can guarantee you is that we will take you to spots that are holding lobster. Weather, current lobster populations, and your ability to catch them will affect your catches.

A legal lobster must have a minimum carapace length of greater than 3 inches and must be measured in the water. Each diver is allowed 6 lobster per person. For more information, visit the FWC website for a full list of regulations.

We provide:

  • Nets
  • Tickle sticks
  • Gloves
  • Lobster measuring device
  • Fishing license and lobster stamp
  • Ice and cooler space

You provide:

  • Snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, fins)
  • Lunch/Drinks for your group
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, towels

If you do not have your own snorkeling gear, a local dive shop will be able to rent you gear for your trip.

After your Islamorada lobster charter we will clean your catch for you. If you do not have a place to cook your lobster, many restaurants will cook up the lobster for you.

When you’re ready to schedule your family fun Islamorada lobster fishing charter, give us a call or contact us to get your trip scheduled.