Boca Grande & Englewood Tarpon Fishing Charter Trips & Rates

Boca Grande tarpon fishing … We are smack dab in the center of the “tarpon capital of the world.” These ancient fish begin showing up to the Boca Grande area in masses late April/early May and stay throughout much of July. We target tarpon using live bait on the beaches and occasionally in Boca Grande Pass. Tarpon fishing charters are one of the most exciting trips we offer.

Tarpon fishing is starting to wind down now but a few fish are still around. Small schools of both adult and juvenile tarpon have been swimming the inshore waters. Fishing for tarpon is an experience of a lifetime. It is not uncommon to see acres of rolling tarpon around the boat while fishing the beaches or a solid mass of tarpon on Jesse’s sidescan imaging machine in Boca Grande Pass. Join Captains Jesse and Kelly in the “tarpon capital of the world,” and hook in to one of the world famous silver kings.

  • April-July

  • (6hrs): $800
  • (10hrs): $1,300

People around the world visit Boca Grande, “tarpon capital of the world,” to experience this world class fishing opportunity and hook in to a giant silver king. Tarpon put up an epic fight with many runs and exhilarating jumps, making you bow to the king. We primarily target tarpon on the beach (from Englewood, Boca Grande and Captiva), where you are likely to see hundreds of rolling tarpon throughout the day. We offer both morning and evening tarpon fishing charters.

Boca Grande tarpon season has begun!
Boca Grande beach tarpon charter fishing!