Boca Grande & Englewood Tarpon Fishing Charter Trips & Rates

Boca Grande and Englewood night fishing charters.


Ready to try for some real heart pumping action?! Some of the largest snook we’ve ever caught have been caught at night. It’s common local knowledge that if the snook fishing is good during the day, it will be absolutely unbelievable at night. These fish use the cloak of darkness to ambush prey as it passes by. At times, huge schools of snook are found lurking under the numerous dock lights here and are literally “stacked” one on top another. They’re often suckers for anything thrown their way and when these big boys come to eat … well let’s just say you won’t need any coffee to stay awake!

Boca Grande and Englewood women's day out on the water!



Ladies, have you ever wanted a day out on the water without all the guys? Did your better halves book a fishing trip with Captain Jesse and you want to go but don’t want to fish? Well Captain Kelly would be thrilled to take your group of lady friends out for a fun day on the water (alongside your guys if requested). Sure, she can take you ladies for some Xtream fishing if that’s what you want. But, if a laid back day is what you’re after, Kelly can accommodate that as well. There are numerous flats and sandbars to stop at to enjoy a nice relaxing lunch.


A family vacation can sometimes be difficult to plan because it seems like everyone has their own idea of fun … kids want the beach, dad wants to fish and mom wants a romantic dinner cruise. Who says you can’t have it all! What toughest critic wouldn’t enjoy a day out on the water with their private boat?! A family day out on the water will please the toughest of crowds and creates a bond of togetherness that will last the year throughout.

Boca Grande and Englewood Waterfront dining or cruises.


Take a boat ride to dinner! What better way is there to enjoy the fabulous waterfront dining available throughout the Gulf Barrier Islands? Enjoy your meal, have dessert, grab a beverage to go, and enjoy a breathtaking sunset on the way home. Some of our area’s most famous dining locations are only accessible by boat, like Cabbage Key and the famous Dollar Bill Bar(reportedly where Jimmy Buffet penned his famed “Cheeseburger in Paradise”). Although others may be accessible by road, there is something amazing or maybe a bit majestic about spending time on the water that adds a little something special to your dining experience. I provide everything that you will need for fishing, all you need to bring is you and your family … and maybe a beverage of choice and lunch.